If you’ve read or listened to any amount of leadership and success books, podcasts or videos then you have most likely heard of the concept of your “Circle.” Your Circle, meaning the people in your circle or life on a daily basis, or the people you are spending the most time with, hence the people who are having the most influence on you. I’ve heard it said in many ways that “Tell me who your 5 closest friends are and I’ll show you your future” or “What you listen to, read, watch and let influence you today will determine your future.”


It’s a fact that whoever is speaking into your life, whether it is a person or media, it will shape and mold what and who you become! Lots of parents know this as they are telling their kids not to hang out with certain other kids or not to go to certain places because they innately know that the negative environment will cause a negative effect on their child’s life. However, many times as we enter adulthood we seem to forget about this CIRCLE effect or when we are considering going to the next level with our sole purpose in our life, or trying to achieve more success, we only think if we get a good education then that makes the difference.


Getting an education is important obviously, but nothing will take you further in life than having the right people in your life or the right “WHO’S.” It’s been said, “Having the right people at the right place at the right time will make the right things happen.” I couldn’t agree more and have seen in my own life that the right people and the right influence or inner circle of people who are constantly lifting us up and pushing us in positive directions with forward momentum is a must! Who you are with determines who you become, so take inventory of those in your life and around you, make sure you have the right WHO’S.