We all read, watch and hear so much good content on podcasts, videos or books we digest, but if you’re like me it’s hard to distill it all down to what’s essential or what will make us better. I’m a super organized person so I make lots of notes in my notes section of my iphone and laptop, some of which I struggle to find the time to go and re-read and meditate on and apply in my life.


I’m sure many of you are like me and just want the 1,2,3 instructions for LIFE that we can just run with! Instructions and direction that we can simply fall back on at any time, whether we are at one of the celebrations of our life journey or in the middle of a storm. Truth is so much of the good stuff we hear and try to retain is GOOD and we need to carve out time in our busy lives to reflect and apply and produce the results we want in family and business endeavors.


I wanna share with you two thoughts or principles that a mentor of mine taught me and I believe it’s two simple yet very exact truths to hang on and live our lives by. When I’m challenged and torn on what decision to make or even feeling like I’ve had some decent bouts of success; I check and re-check myself with these 2 simple principles of Life:


1. Give God something to Work with.

2. Give others something to Respect.


Are you giving God something to work with? Are you allowing Him to mold you and teach you? Are you giving family, friends and business associates something to respect?