Life is all about learning. If you’ve had young toddlers around the house at one point like I have, then you know life is all about learning one thing after another. I still remember the kids around ages 1-3 and how they seemed to be learning new things on a daily basis because it was visual, I could easily see with my own eyes the changes they were making and the new fun things they were learning.


As we move into adulthood, for many the learning stops. Once they finish their formal years of graduating from high school or college they do little to continue learning new things and unfortunately become stagnant. One of the principles we teach is that we need to continually learn from two main sources in life. One is learning from our own mistakes, and being wise enough to see that as we learn from our own mistakes or failures we are learning instead of losing. If we don’t learn from our mistakes we essentially will keep repeating the same scenarios or problems over and over and will lose out on becoming better or moving forward. Let your mistakes or failures be your best teacher.


The second place of learning needs to be from learning from the mistakes of others! This is even more important and of higher value than learning from our own mistakes. The main purpose of mentorship or getting a coach or consulting is to save you much time and money as you learn from the mistakes another person has already made. The valuable life and business lessons a mentor can provide should and will be 10X the actual cost of mentorship. I’ve heard it said, “Smart people learn from their own mistakes; Wise people learn from the mistakes of others.”