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If you have an idea you want to grow, or you need help with building your business, or finding the right motivational speakers to enchant your audience… we’re here to serve!


The Hess’s are both well known authors, chiropractors and entrepreneurs sought out to mentor, speak and teach to public and professional audiences.

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Since the inception of AMPED, these programs have spawned hundreds of practices with never before seen success within the chiropractic profession.

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For more than 20 years, Jeremy and Amanda have been building multiple businesses and investing in great ideas.

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As a young boy, Dr. Jeremy Hess grew up in Pennsylvania around the influence of a family of serial entrepreneurs, notably his grandfather, uncles, and father.

As a teenager, Jeremy started his own lawn and landscaping business, vending machine company and route, joined a health and skincare product MLM, and sold products door to door all while working at his family’s businesses.

Meeting his soulmate, Dr. Amanda Hess, in 1998 in Atlanta, she too was from a family that characterized good work ethic and the promise of the American dream; if you worked hard and paid the price of achievement.

For the last 15 years, Jeremy and Amanda have owned and operated the largest chiropractic practice in the state of Georgia, along with a multiple other businesses connected to healthcare, subscription services, digital space, investments, and more!

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